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We've had a lot of comments that our test is too easy! We decided to keep it, but we've added a tougher one that we think will challenge all of you who think you might know it all!

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1. The student to the right is:

a. making fire
b. reading a compass
c. drilling for oil

2. The cattail plant is used for:

a. making string
b. an excellent tea
c. edible food source

3. The desert solar still is:

a. an excellent water source
b. unreliable
c. simple to construct

4. The best area to select your shelter site is:

a. in a dry, sandy creek bed
b. under a tree
c. using a natural feature

5. The best signaling method is:

a. smoke from a fire
b. a mirror
c. a whistle

6. For headache treatment use:

a. charcoal
b. oak leaves
c. willow bark

7. The best survival kit is:

a. for sale at your local sporting goods store
b. one you plan and personalize for your needs
c. all you will require in an emergency

8. A high priority item to always carry with you is:

a. a knife
b. a book of matches
c. a cell phone

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So!  You think you know enough survival skills?  Well -- try this one!  This test is intended as a challenge of survival knowledge to those whom express the “human denial factor” towards learning survival knowledge.  Statements such as “I’ll never get lost” -- “I already know that stuff” -- “I could do that if I had to” are mumblings due to over-confidence.  This attitude could cost ones’ life.  Therefore, I have composed this test in hopes of creating an awakening awareness that we are NOT naturally born with -- survival skills knowledge -- it must be learned.

This test is designed on a global aspect and in conjunction with the “survival pattern to maintain life,” this is not intended to be an average test, nor a fair test, as it does require survival knowledge with experience plus survival sense.  The answers are what I consider exact and correct according to the listed references and my experiences.  I understand there may be acceptable variables to the answers.  Sorry, no easy multiple choice questions as we want you to think this out.  Print out this test, gather up your pen and paper, write out an answer and compare with ours.  Good luck!

Mountain Mel



1.  List 12 edible USA plants.
2.  List 8 edible tropical plants.
3.  What part of a “polar animal” should not be eaten and why not?
4.  Which “snack” would you select in a cold weather environment -- a snickers candy bar or a
can of sardines?
5.  What is an Australian “yabby”?
6.  List 6 traps/snares.
7.  Name 2 USA tree/plants used for fish poison. 


1.  Explain the “fire triangle” required to produce fire.
2.  List 6 modern fire methods.
3.  List 3 primitive fire methods.
4.  List 4 primitive-tropical-jungle fire methods.
5.  List 8 modern fire aids.
6.  List 2 primitive fire aids.
7.  List 5 natural tinders.


1.  List 6 ways to purify water
2.  How much water will a “desert solar still” produce in 1 day?
3.  List 3 tropical plants used to provide water.
4.  List 4 possible indications of a water source.
5.  Urine can be used as an emergency drinking water?  True or false?


1.  List 4 possible winter shelters which can be considered in a snow environment.
2.  What is the most effective shelter in a snow environment?
3.  What is the suggested shelter to build in a tropical jungle environment?
4.  What are the key factors in constructing a shade shelter in a desert environment?
5.  How is a snow shelter vented?


1.  In one word, explain what a signal is “in a natural environment”.
2.  What natural signal method could be used during daylight in the Arctic Circle?
3.  Why is the screened viewing hole an important part of the signal mirror?


1.  What is the best method to stop the bleeding?
2.  Name the plant used by Native Americans for mosquito repellent.
3.  What plant is used as headache medicine?
4.  Should a person in a survival situation apply the “cut & suck” method for a rattlesnake bite?
5.  What is an early indication of dehydration?
6.  List 5 tropical jungle plants used for medical purposes.


1.  List 10 uses of bamboo in a tropical-jungle environment.
2.  Why would a flashlight be considered a high priority item?
3.  What is the best tinder for the bamboo fire saw?
4.  List the required items/materials used in making a bow/drill fire set as to produce fire.
5.  In a cold weather environment, the majority of heat is lost through what area of the body?
6.  Name the simple-to-construct and use weapon preferred by Native Americans in a desert
7.  List 3 excellent plants for making cordage.


1.  What could a large plastic soda bottle be used for in survival?
2.  A piece of rubber inner tube could be used in what skill area?
3.  What could an aluminum soda can be used for?
4.  A deer rifle cartridge would serve what use?
5.  A metal coat hanger in conjunction with one other item could be used for what skill?
6.  What could a paper cup and small stones be used together for?
7.  What could a bird breast bone be used for?

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