Hey, you have a LOT of time to think about things when you’re in a wilderness emergency survival situation (OK, this is actually Mel on the desert set of TBS' Movies for Guys who Like Movies). But here’s a sampling of wise thoughts that Mel wants to pass on to you.

“Consider mental aspects...these must be learned. They cannot be placed or stored in a survival kit and they cannot be purchased at the sporting goods store.”

“Mentally cancel out that HUMAN DENIAL FACTOR of ‘I’ll never get lost.’ Anyone can get lost. Even me.”

"Why die needlessly in the wilderness?’ Be prepared, tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll return. If you do get lost, stay where you are, make signals and a campfire.”

"As for the CBS television shows Survivor, Survivor II, and Survivor III, I wonder where did they get these people? Doesn't it seem that once selected, the participants would have enough sense to research a few basic skill such as primitive fire making? There seems to be no survival skill required. It's all a personality contest. What a soap opera!"

“I once talked to a guy who was lost 3 days in the winter here in Colorado. I asked him if he had a survival kit. He said he had a real good one - back in his truck. Ha.”

"I saw the Castaway movie - very exciting! Excellent job on props and skills, thanks to the correct research and training by actual survival instructors. Too bad bamboo was not available for a fire saw, as it is much easier than the fire plough. I introduced these fire methods to fellow U.S.A. instructors in 1978."

“Don’t panic. Don’t catch that terrible disease of ‘Give-up-itis.’ Will power is the key factor.”

“In today’s world, if a person removes him or herself from our comfortable, everyday environment, most could not provide the basic factors to stay alive. Have you ever made a fire without using the the rain? If you said, ‘Yeah, I can do that if I have to,’ I would say, ‘Well, let’s do it now.’

Call Mel late evenings (Mountain Time) at 970-242-8507 and he'll be glad to talk survival skills with you!

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