“Our objective is a basic and simple one: To teach modern and selected primitive survival skills that are required to maintain life. Our motto is: Learn to Return.”

Mel Deweese, “Mountain Mel,” has more than 30 years of worldwide experience teaching survival skills. He is an internationally known and respected expert in nature awareness and survival techniques.

As a military Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Instructor (Retired Navy), he has created, developed, written, attended and taught courses from the Arctic Circle to the Canadian Wilderness, from the Philippine Jungles to the California desert. He has trained more than 100,000 students - civilians, Naval aviators, the elite SEAL teams, DEA personnel and students from other U.S. government agencies.

Mel is always looking to improve his instruction techniques and subject matter by communicating and trading tips with other renown experts. In 1995 Mel was requested by the Swedish government to represent the United States at the First International Survival Instructor Conference in Sweden.

In 1996, Mel traveled to Brisbane, Australia to visit local museums and attend the annual Aboriginal Peoples Gathering. In 1997, Mel returned to the Philippines - 20 years after he had taught at the United States Navy Jungle School - to visit his friends in the Negrito Village. Two years later, he returned to Sweden where Mel assisted in training 17 countries in Search and Rescue survival (SAR) information. In, 1999, Mel appeared on TBS' Movies for Guys who Like Movies and the NBC television show "To Tell the Truth." Last year, he was featured in a special issue of People Magazine as an expert in worldwide survival techniques.

Mel suggest that anyone serious about Wilderness Survival Skills subscribe to Wilderness Way Magazine, an excellent how-to reference.

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