Step back in time...

Into Unaweep Canyon. Into the past, as you smell the woodsmoke. Sit in the tipi, practicing wilderness skills in the land of the proud Ute Indians...as you touch the earth and experience reflections of the past.

Nature Knowledge’s Tipi Camp is located in this beautiful, austere setting in Western Colorado near Grand Junction, which boasts easy access by air or automobile. During Mountain Mel’s programs, you will be living in a tipi, learning world-wide survival skills and gaining confidence from one of the world’s most foremost experts.

Join us at our camp as you practice the survival techniques required to maintain life. Make a fire using primitive methods. Learn how to build shelters against winter’s freezing cold or the desert’s scorching sun. Live off the land. Learn which plants are edible - and uses for the plants that are not. Program meals are unique with a combination of wild game, such as antelope, deer, elk, bear, beaver, raccoon, trout, frog legs and crawdads, etc, as available. Vegetarian meals can be arranged. Hiking to local waterfall is a special experience. Make new friends, share life-saving lessons. Each night, gather around the campfire to listen to simple folk music or hear the canyon whisper to you...

And take these experiences - and these memories - back with you to last a lifetime.


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